~Using AutoCAD®?
 ~Want to try AutoLISP®?
 ~This site may help you.
Purpose of this site:

If you are an AutoCAD user, this site is intended to help you use AutoLISP.  AutoLISP is a powerful tool for enhancing AutoCAD. 

You can use this site as a textbook on AutoLISP.  There is enough information in section II, "Learning AutoLISP," to help you write your own AutoLISP programs. 

Ron Leigh 
      Organization of this site:

  I.  About AutoCAD and AutoLISP
        A.   Basic concepts
        B.   Other ways to customize AutoCAD
        C.   Advantages of AutoLISP
        D.   History of AutoLISP
 II.  Learning AutoLISP
        A.   How difficult?
        B.   Fifteen lessons including sample programs
        C.   Alphabetic list of functions
        D.   Catalog of function definitions in 21 categories
        E.   Glossary
        F.   Books

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